Demand/Create Free, Safe Transportation for Women Along the Highway of Tears


Updated with reference to the recent ‘news’ that the opposition party has demanded action, and the ruling party praised their own sad excuse for action. And another year passes without any sign of this crucial service being created.

The Dreamer Propulsion Project

If you’ve ever driven along the 800km stretch of highway 16 from Prince George to Prince Rupert, you’ve probably noticed the large billboards with photos and details of several missing women.

You may even be aware that this particular stretch of highway is known far and wide as the Highway of Tears, and that in the past 40 years, as many as 45 women (most of whom are indigenous) have gone missing while travelling along this road. The most recent (known) case occured in 2011, and an attempted abduction occured along the highway on Christmas Eve, 2012.

Like many Canadians, I had been unaware my entire life that this horror was unfolding, just as I was unaware that there have been almost 3000 cases of murdered and missing (mostly indigenous) women in this country within the last 4 decades. (The RCMP maintains that this number is closer to 600, which…

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Ten Second Microwave Biodiesel


201310310037t0001I would never cook my food in a microwave oven. But turning waste vegetable oil into biodiesel in ten seconds? Maybe there is a use for these things after all.

This past October, an Israeli and Taiwanese research team announced that they’d developed a method to turn waste vegetable oil into biodiesel using microwaves and a strontium oxide (SrO) catalyst.
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Did Israel Deliberately Flood Gaza?


Fig Trees and Vineyards

It has been reported in the past several days, by Ma’an News and on several websites including this one, that Israel may have opened one or more dams resulting in the severe flooding we have seen in Gaza and further exacerbated conditions already made dire by the onslaught of winter storm Alexa. This at any rate is the charge that has been made by the Gaza government’s Disaster Response Committee and its chairman, Yasser Shanti.

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A Poverty of Perpective: James Moore edition


ministerJust how do we address poverty? What are the conventionally conservative, progressive and radical perspectives on this issue? Two days ago the federal industry minister made comments that should have been a perfect opening for discussion on these questions, but no. Mostly what we got were clever memes, partison propaganda and the usual high-level deflection. No surprise, because that’s how public discourse operates in this society. To quote Howard Zinn, you can’t be neutral on a moving train.

At a recent press conference, Industry Minister James Moore was asked to comment on child poverty in BC, and among other things, was quoted as saying “Is it my job to feed my neighbour’s child? I don’t think so.”
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Garden to root out loiterers gets nod from Victoria councillors – Times Colonist


Coun. Ben Isitt supported the project, but said the city shouldn’t be moving people off the only green space in the area until it has fulfilled its commitment to replace the park that was given up for Rock Bay Landing in the first place.“I think the most fair approach would be for the city to be proactive and identify where that substitute green space is. If it’s not on this sunny slope, then the question is, where is it? I, personally, don’t have any interest in removing that gathering spot until we have identified where the alternate gathering spot is,” Isitt said.“It’s sort of a little bit disingenuous to say we’re still looking for land when the real intent seems to be shuffling these people along.”

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Oshkimaadiziig Unity Camp cite ‘illegal’ surrenders in park reclamation


Warrior Publications

By Johnny Hawk, Anishinabek News, Nov 19, 2013

A reclamation of Awenda Provincial Park is in its 19th month and nearby Springwater Provincial Park has also been occupied by members of Beausoleil First Nation.

“We began as a result of the illegal surrenders of our inherent rights and traditional territories along with the policies and laws enforced upon our people where the Chippewa Tri Council and Canada are in breach of the 1764 Niagara Covenant Chain Belt,” says camp spokesperson Kai Kai Kons.

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Marchers in Grassy Narrows raise awareness of violence against women


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By Alan S. Hale, Kenora Daily Miner and News, November 19, 2013

A group of about 20 women, their children and a few young men marched down the main road in Grassy Narrows First Nation on Monday afternoon, Nov. 18, to raise awareness of the problem of violence against women plaguing their community.

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