Free-Roaming Human: Cross-Canada on Foot for Wild Bison


Save The Wild Bison Canada, Northern Bison Campaign

“Free Roaming Human- Cross-Country on Foot for Wild Bison”
For Immediate Release- April 29,2007
Contact Kalanu Buffalo,

Starting on May 15, 2007, former Buffalo Field Campaign volunteer and current Northern Bison Campaign Coordinator Kalanu Buffalo will be embarking from Victoria, B.C., on a cross-Canada walk in honour of wild bison in Canada and the United States.

“Few people are aware that there are wild bison left in North America.” said Kalanu “Fewer still realize how threatened their future is. My goal; the goal of all wild bison activists, is to see wild bison roaming this continent again. I am embarking on this journey to spread the message that the buffalo need to roam, the buffalo need protection, our wild spaces need protection, and wildness itself needs to be honoured and respected above industry, development and domestication.”

During this journey, the only non-foot transportation Kalanu will be taking will be the ferry from Victoria to Vancouver and the ferry from Nova Scotia to Newfoundland.

“The purpose of avoiding vehicle travel is to make a point that we want wild buffalo to re-populate this continent again, and we want them to do it on their own four feet, not in the back of a cattle truck.”

If you would like to help provide Kalanu with accommodation or food along the way, or would like to arrange an interview or speaking engagement, please send an email to

For more information on the Northern Bison Campaign, and to stay informed on the Free-Roaming Human journey, visit

For more information on the Buffalo Field Campaign, visit

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  1. I’ll comment on my own post here. Two weeks and counting until departure. Am I nervous? Yes, very much so. This is a huge leap of faith. Faith that I’ll be fed along the way. That’s all I need for this journey. (And replacement shoes along the way.) A friend pointed out.
    Otherwise, I’ll be living outside most of the time. I’ll try to get to a public internet terminal as often as I can during the journey to keep this blog up to date. (As well as contact media in the towns ahead of me, check my email for offers of food, etc.)
    Some may wonder why wild buffalo as a reason to walk across the country? Why is raising awareness about wild buffalo in a time when there is so much war and poverty and other atrocities going on? Well, precisely because there are so many other issues. To many of us, these bison are extremely important, and we believe others will see that importance too, once they get a chance. Wild Bison is not as issue on the top of many people’s lists, even environmentalists. It’s easy for the truth to get lost these days. Our fear is that if people forget about the buffalo, if people don’t have the time to care or act, then this is when they will face elimination, when we as a people, who have stopped these plans before, no longer have the energy to stop them, that is when the plans to elimanate the herd will be revived. My hope is that I can help mobilize a group of vigilant citizens to make sure we never forget the wild bison, and stand up for them when the time comes.

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