Update on Grassroots Poverty Reduction Strategy


Last week I wrote about how I’d like to see a Grassroots Poverty Reduction Strategy.

This evening I discovered that the folks at the Community Social Planning Council have been working on a Charter for Community Action on Poverty.

I met one of the people working on this, Alvaro Moreno, while organizing around grassroots responses to disaster, but had no idea until now that this charter existed. Apparently they’ve been doing presentations about it around town, but it has not gotten any media, and I found only one reference to it online on a blog post about the Victoria Youth Summit. The Community Councils own website doesn’t even have any information (that I can find) about it, except for a link to the charter.

It’s pretty comprehensive, with a lot of stuff I didn’t mention in my blog post about what a Grassroots Poverty Reduction Strategy would look like, including advocating for a guaranteed minimum income. There is no mention of health co-ops in the health section, but it might fall under one of the other categories. Anyway, I haven’t analyzed that deeply yet. I’m looking forward to talking to Alvaro at the Community Council and finding out more about this charter.

So, one of the things I would say is that once this Charter is finished, one of the next steps is the strategy; identifying which groups are working on each of these elements, which groups have the capacity to do so, where the funding will come from, etc.

And we need to get the word out. The mainstream media needs to give this some coverage. In the meantime, the Community Council was just recently profiled in the local daily newspaper. Check it out.

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