Download or Order ‘A Poverty of Perspective’


I originally set out to write a much longer book, and this booklet was intended to be a preview/sampler of that longer book. I discovered in the course of putting this together that the longer book will be taking a much different direction…

So this is the (somewhat) finished result of what I set out to publish. I don’t know how much it will shift your perspective of poverty (as advertised in this article in the Martlett), but it might just give you some food for thought.

Poverty is the one of the oldest and most complicated issues of our civilization. This 52 page book does not attempt to offer ‘solutions’, but is merely a collection of educated opinion.

This project is a fund-raiser for my own personal struggle with poverty…

First printing April 30, 2012
Order using the form below and donate (pay what you can) using the donate button.
Add $1.00 for postage, or if you are in ‘Greater Victoria’, I can hand deliver.

You can also download it here, and send a donation if you’d like, or enjoy it for free.

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