Tarsands pipelines, Site C, Pacific Trails Pipeline, Fracking, and the stand against them.


I recently spent 6 days on unceded Unis’tot’en/Wet’suwet’en territory as part of a group of activists invited by the Unis’tot’en (the Big Frog Clan) and Lhe Lin Liyin (the Guardians) to witness their stand against the Pacific Trails Pipeline (one of 7 pipelines proposed to run through that territory.)

“The Unis’tot’en and Lhe Lin Liyin, along with other strong uncompromising allies will stop this destructive path, for the future generations, for the biodiversity, and for solidarity with our neighbours living amidst the heavy impacts in the Tar Sands affected areas in northern Alberta, and regions heavily affected by fracking natural gas and shale oil, as well as communities impacted by refineries, pipelines, and fuel terminals and port expansions.” reads the Unis’tot’en Action Camp website.

The camp was a very profound experience for me, and I am still processing the lessons.

To begin with, I learned that the Pacific Trail Pipeline, which has already been approved and is scheduled to begin construction any day now, follows along most of it’s route the exact path of the Enbridge Northern Gateway pipeline.

The Office of The Wet’suwet’en and dozens of other First Nations along the pipeline route and coast have vowed resistance to the Enbridge pipeline, in which environmental organizations and the NDP also oppose. None but a small handful of grassroots groups like the Lhe Lin Liyin and Vancouver Island Community Forest Action Network (of which I am a board member) are speaking out about the Pacific Trails Pipeline.

If you have not heard of the PTP, then you are not alone. Most haven’t. Aside from the fact that it runs along the right-of-way for the Enbridge pipeline, (which will make it easier for Enbridge or anyone else to ram their crude pipelines through), the PTP pipeline will carry Liquid Natural Gas to a refining facility in Kitimat, where it will be processed for export to Asia.

The source of this LNG are fracking fields in BC and Alberta. If you know a bit about fracking, you may have concerns about the damage that this extraction method has on watersheds and habitat. But that’s not all.

If it doesn’t bother you that LNG from the fracking process is being piped through unceded territories via a pipeline most of us never heard about, you may be concerned who is paying for all this.

BC Hydro intends to sell the hydro needed for the LNG terminal (1,600 KW worth) at a subsidized rate of almost 50%, and letting BC Hydro residential customers like yourself pay the rest. Here we have a very clear case of wealth being redistributed upwards at a massive scale.

As if that weren’t enough, where is BC Hydro getting this electricity? Well, that’s what the controversial Site C dam is for. If you haven’t already heard of the Site C dam, you may be alarmed to hear about the massive flooding required, or the $8 billion dollar price tag. If the environmental impacts of this mega-dam don’t alarm you, then consider the fact that 100% of this hydro is going to be sold (at a rate subsidized by you) to the LNG industry, who will then ship it to Asia, where it will then contribute to this global warming thing we’ve been hearing a bit about.

Hmm, good deal, eh?

So for these reasons, I find it very important we support the Unis’tot’en and Lhe Lin Liyin, who have taken a very strong stand against not only Enbridge and the Pacific Trails pipeline, but the entire pipeline/energy corridor boondoggle that threatens to bankrupt us all as it destroys the land and the cultures that are of that land.

If what we have been hearing from the Unis’tot’en and Lhe Lin Liyin is to be believed, and I believe them, they will be putting their bodies in the path of this pipeline, as I witnessed them doing when a CANFOR logging contractor attempted to pass through the territory on the way to cut trees for the right-of-way for the pipeline.

This kind of stand will no doubt bring inevitable police state action, and the media will be quick to vilify this stand as yet another dangerous and annoying native blockade. This we have seen, and this we have been warned by people at the camp who have witnessed these kinds of conflicts. We must begin now to head off this smear campaign that will make it easier for the police state to roll over the Unis’tot’en and Lhe Lin Liyin and force this pipeline through.

The Unis’tot’en and Lhe Lin Liyin are doing this for all of us, because this pipeline will affect all of us. These folks know exactly what these projects mean and how they tie together in a way that has schooled many of us who consider ourselves knowledgeable activists, and they are taking their stand at a very key point in this whole interconnected mess. To not stand with them would be foolish and counter-productive to everything we claim to believe in.

Construction on this mega-energy infrastructure is already well underway. Much of this mess has already passed the ‘proposed stage’.

One important thing I heard from one of the organizers, Mel Bazil, which is something I have been trying to communicate as well for the past many months, is that we need to stop thinking about what we are facing as just Enbridge, or just Kinder Morgan. “Instead of stop Enbridge” Mel Said “Stop the Energy Corridor”. Enbridge, Kinder Morgan, Keystone, PTP, Site C, and dozens of other new and proposed mega-projects are a combined effort, a whole new wave of industrialization that is being rammed through largely under the radar, with Enbridge being the straw-man/patsy that we are supposed to waste all our energy opposing. It’s time to take a broader view of what’s going on, and take serious action.

That action has begun, on the banks of the Morice river in Unis’tot’en/Wet’suwet’en territory. This is your wake-up call.

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  1. So let me get this straight….You people want to use the net and all it is to spread your word but you don’t want asia’s people to have cleaner energy than coal? Cause they tried that in Japan and where did that get them? Problem is folks the energy folks are already way ahead of you with targeted fracing and all. So quit bitiching and do like the real enviros do and solve the problem.

    • I’m not sure who benefits most from all this industrialization. Do I believe this land and resource grab is so that China can go Green or so that BC and Alberta residents can have jobs? It’s a lot more complicated than that and the whole Consumer Nation benefits. But what good are these benefits to those who air and water and soil are made toxic, and whose pockets are being emptied and labour exploited for this upward movement of wealth and destruction of cultures, freedoms and ecosystems? I’m willing to lose internet, cars and the whole shebang to save these things, but I’m going to use them when I can. That I rode up in a bus with 45 other people and otherwise don’t own a car or go anywhere in cars much at all, or even own my own computer (or have a permanent residence or own more than what fits in my backpack), makes me too corrupted to even bother opposing these destructive projects? At what point should I feel ‘pure’ enough to protest/stop the insanity?
      The enviro movement is not well ahead of us on this fracking thing, they’re off on another planet completely.

  2. PTP is not transporting liquefied natural gas. Get the facts straight. BC residents sure dont mind benefitting when the prices are low because of a halt on spending. When the protestors all start living off the land and stop the use of these natural resources, then I might stop and listen to their concerns. The hypocrites that are traveling to protest get there by using this “dirty” fuel in their automobiles, live in homes heated by these fuels and watch tv and power their computers using hydro electricity. How do they think they get these resources to their home. Come on horseback and maybe we’ll start paying attention to what you have to say.

  3. It’s not about how Peeps get to the Battle Ground. We wouldn’t have to travel there if Corporate inTerests didn’t prioritize Anthropo Centric ” Engery Needs ” over the Wishes of the Original People of the Land, as Well as the Survival of the Many Plants and Animals that call the Region Home

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  7. Well it is interesting to see the many comments on the proposed pipeline, I as an ex BC resident, now working in Alberta in the oil Industry have seen many of the mega project pipelines, particularly the one that runs from Taylor BC to Chicago. It began and continued, as each section in the pipeline was completed, these pipeline companies moved onto the next section, and town, leaving behind in the previous town a short term economic gain, and thus thus went on till that pipeline was complete, In the end, less than 100 full time jobs was needed to monitor the pipeline, BC needs a real economic injection of long term environmentally safe jobs, after all we as people are the stewards of this great and vast country. Industry can no longer do business as usual, just as those who have worked in a number of long term good paying jobs, those people in many cases are forced to live on less, while trying to make ends meet. Industry must also bite that very same bullet. It is time to make industry pay the piper, in this case environmental and economic responsibility!

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