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Video on Secretive Communciations Management Units


This week we learned that the government has proposed making secretive prisons for “domestic terrorists,” which have been operating for 3 years on U.S. soil, permanent.

In this video Rachel Meeropol and Alexis Agathocleous, attorneys at the Center for Constitutional Rights, discuss the lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of Communications Management Units, or CMUs:

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Government Acknowledges Secretive Prisons for “Domestic Terrorists,” Proposes Making Them Permanent


by Will Potter,

Secretive political prisons for “domestic terrorists” called Communications Management Units have been operating for more than three years on U.S. soil. Last week the federal Bureau of Prisons quietly submitted a proposal to make the experimental units permanent: a process that, by law, should have occurred before they were ever opened.

As a quick introduction, there are two Communications Management Units, or CMUs, in the country. They radically restrict prisoner communications with the outside world to levels that rival, or exceed, the most restrictive facilities in the country, including the “Supermax,” ADX-Florence. [For more information on CMUs and who is housed there: “Secretive U.S. Prison Units Used to House Muslim, Animal Rights and Environmental Activists.”]

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“I won’t move along.”


kristenjonathanby Kristen Woodruff,

Good evening,

The City of Victoria’s lawyers requested a meeting with Madam Justice Ross a few days ago, because they wanted her to amend her ruling (which struck down, let’s not forget, the city’s bylaws preventing homeless people from erecting temporary shelters for themselves) to read that the city’s blanket prohibition on the erection of temporary shelters was unconstitutional only as it pertains to night-time shelters. That is, they wanted her to amend her ruling in order to make the City’s bylaw enforcement policy restricting tenting to the hours between 7 p.m. and 7 a.m. legal. They met with Justice Ross yesterday, along with and she refused their request. The ruling stands as it was written and the city’s bylaw enforcement policy really really doesn’t seem to be of any force and effect.
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Message From Tre Arrow


Nov 4th, 2008
Hello to you all (from Tre Arrow)!
Greetings from Herlong, CA. This place is positioned in a valley with mountains
surrounding in all directions. Gorgeous sunrises and sunsets have blessed me
while sitting barefoot in the grass they only recently planted. Up until about
a month and half ago it was all dirt and rocks.
I’ve been playin’ music every day since my arrival on Oct. 8th. I’m writing
songs with a bro named Ryon and practicin’ with a few guys who are very
talented musicians. Anyone can check out a guitar and go outside and play for
hours (which is exactly what I do)! The air is fresh and clean (we’re high in
the Sierras away from any city pollution). I’m able to be outside most of the
day (at least for now; once I’m assigned a job that’ll change). This is the
most sun and outside exposure I’ve had in almost 5 years. It feels fantastic!!
My skin is turnin’ a deep golden brown. A yoga class is offered 5 days a week
as well as Pilates and other fitness/wellness modalities. There is even a
wellness library.
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Immigrant on hunger strike


Man wants to return home, serving three-month sentence
A man who illegally entered Canada is on a hunger strike at a Maple Ridge prison.
Mohammad Reza Nouri has been detained at the Fraser Regional Correctional Centre since Oct. 13, the same day he landed at Vancouver’s International Airport carrying a fake passport.
The 40-year-old Iranian, who can’t speak English, was charged the next day under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act with one count each of illegally possessing a document to establish identity, using false document to enter or remain in Canada and communicating false or misleading information for immigration to Canada.
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Leonard Peltier on the Spirit of Crazyhorse and the Hope of Obama


We must always remember as well, not to diminish the importance of getting the word out on Leonard Peltier that there are 2 million people in prison in the US, and an inordinate amount of them are indigenous, poor and unjustly sentenced. Peltier’s case is a striking example of injustice and the ongoing genocide of the colonial system, and he is but one of many hundreds of millions world-wide who do not get their photos on t-shirts or have the support of Hollywood celebrities. Millions are simply forgotten and languish for decades in conditions that most people reading this blog never want to find themselves in for a day. So when you think or Leonard, or Rod Coronado, or the Black Panther prisoners, or Cuban prisoners, etc, think also of the nameless and faceless who are just as worthy of our support. Please find one of these unnamed, uncelebrated people and write to them, to let them know that we are out here fighting for them. Their crime does not need to be revolutionary. No crime fits the punishment doled out by this society’s prison system. -Fiach

My Relatives and Friends,
Last night a change in this country took place that not too long ago many people said would never happen. An African-American was elected to the White House and by a major landslide, which gives him a mandate by the public to fulfill his promises. This landslide indicates the people have placed their hope with this man they call their president for a change in this country.
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Update and Writing from Eric McDavid


Dear friends,
We just wanted to give you a quick update on Eric and then pass along a piece that he recently wrote. After enduring a month and a half with no access to phones or email, Eric finally got his phone access back on October 17 (and email soon after that). He had a hearing about the infraction he was being charged with – unpermitted contact with the media – on October 15, and due to Eric’s determination to fight the charges based on errors made with the filing of the charges, the prison expunged the record and gave him his “privileges” back. This was a huge relief to Eric and his loved ones.
We also just want to remind everyone that Eric’s appeal is still moving forward, and he continues to need your support during this time. Eric has been standing his ground since the day of his arrest, refusing to give in to the ridiculous charges against him – even in the face of a 20 year prison sentence. Please do not forget about him – there are still things you can do.
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