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Tent city in Puyallup idea dies in council


by MELISSA SANTOS; The News Tribune

Puyallup won’t host a tent city for homeless individuals in the immediate future, city officials have decided.

After a lengthy public hearing on the proposal Tuesday night, the City Council held off on approving an ordinance that would have allowed a 40-person encampment somewhere in the city.
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Media Analysis of Homeless Encampment “Sweeps”


sweeps(The following is a short excerpt from an excellent report that just came my way.
Check it out at

Seeing the Homeless
by George Dillion, English Professor, University of Washington

If an individual or organization decides to portray homelessness as urban blight and contagion—as the dump come to your door—a common tactic is to shoot garbage-scapes with a few closer shots of excrement and syringes, possibly (if you’re lucky) with a sanitation worker in a haz-mat suit standing next to a pile. We have seen examples in previous pages. Sometimes the mayor’s office invites “friendly” news teams to help produce and disseminate City Hall’s view.
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Several arrested as police clear out Nickelsville


By Lindsay Cohen & KOMO Staff

SEATTLE — About a dozen people were arrested Wednesday afternoon for refusing to leave the Nickelsville homeless encampment at a park in West Seattle.

The homeless residents set up camp at Terminal 107 Park on West Marginal Way in July, despite warnings that they would not be allowed to stay.

Officials issued a 1 p.m. deadline for the campers to get out. After a brief last-ditch negotiation with port officials, Nickelsville residents were ordered out by police officers.
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Homeless Attempt to Camp on Seattle Mayor’s Lawn, thwarted by Shrubbery


By kery murakami, Seattle PostGlobe

About 40 protesters appeared to have bedded down for the night on the quiet West Seattle street where Mayor Greg Nickels lives.

Earlier in the evening, at about 8:30 p.m, the homeless men and women — protesting the city’s denial of funding for bus vouchers — had walked through the neighborhood in the drizzle. Once at Nickels’ street, they laid out the tarps and mats they’d carried on the grassy parking strip.

Nickels, though, has a flower bed in front of his house, preventing the protesters from actually sleeping in front of his home. The protesters were actually in front of four of Nickels’ neighbors’ houses.
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Nickelsville residents vow to stay at Port of Seattle park


by kery murakami , Seattle Post Globe,

As another group of homeless prepared to sleep in front of Seattle City Councilman Tim Burgess’ home Tuesday night, the residents of the Nickelsvile homeless encampment vowed to stay at a Port of Seattle park despite a deadline to leave on Wednesday.

Nickelsville spokesman Revel Smith said in a press conference that police are expected to arrive at Terminal 107 Park at noon on Wednesday to evict the encampment set up in part as a protest that not more is done by Seattle about homelessness.

“Nickelodeons who plan to stay and peacefully stand-up to removal by police will ultimately risk arrest,” the statement said.

Port spokeswoman Charla Skaggs said the port is hoping the encampment will leave. ‘We remain hopeful that Nickelsville members will leaver voluntarily by tomorrow’s deadline. Certain area churches have said they are available to help if Nickelsville requests that help; we hope that a safe, legal altternate loca-on will be found,” she said.
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Inside Tent City 3: A Reflection on Temporary Housing Arrangements


Inside Tent City 3: A Reflection on Temporary Housing Arrangements
By Marc Weinberg, Northwest Hub
Published: August 28, 2009

Editor’s Note: Tent cities continue to be a hot topic in the Puget Sound Region. In the past month, Northwest Hub covered the Washington Supreme Court case that determined it’s a violation of a church’s religious freedom not to process a temporary use permit for a tent city. Northwest Hub has also been covering the ongoing challenges of Nickelsville as the residents try to secure permission to set up their encampment on Port of Seattle property. Today we bring you a different perspective from the community, a more personal account from someone who has spent a significant amount of time with Tent City 3. Marc Weinberg is a dedicated amateur photographer who has been documenting the lives of tent city residents since December 2008. As you’ll read here, this experience has been both eye-opening and rewarding for him.
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Bellevue’s First United Methodist seeks permit to host Tent City 4


-by Nicole Tsong, Seattle Times

First United Methodist Church of Bellevue could be the next Eastside host for Tent City 4.

The church at 1934 108th Ave. N.E. has applied to the city for a temporary encampment permit to host the portable shelters that house up to 100 homeless men and women.
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