Chris Johnson is a catalyst with the Dreamer Propulsion Project, the founder of Pedal to Petal Urban Agriculture Collective, a board member with Vancouver Island Community Forest Action Network, a co-founder of B Channel News, a community organizer, activist and advocate in the area of homelessness, poverty, mental illness, addiction, ecological protection, food soverienty/justice, anti-oppression and anti-colonialism. In 2011 he was a candidate for mayor in the City of Langford.
He is an artist, writer, journalist, philosopher, innovator, tinkerer, researcher, wild plant enthusiast, and videographer/editor. He has experience working in homeless shelters, soup kitchens, restaurants, support agencies for people with developmental disabilities, farms, painting and construction companies, and has run a small business designing and creating home biodiesel processors and converting diesel engines to run on waste vegetable oil.
He has lived in houses, apartments, cabins, trailers, sailboats, tents, buses, trucks, shacks, under bridges and buses and porches, in a tree, in tent cities, protest camps, forest encampments, vacant buildings and vacant lots. He is highly sensitive and has experienced trauma, depression, anxiety, hunger, migranes, and emotional overwhelm, but he remains positive and believes in the Total Liberation of All Life.

photos on this page by Chris Johnson

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  2. Chris ive been there too ive slept in all kinds of places and i too suffer with migraines , depression and other medical stuff thats not curable .. im on disability and been abused by the ministrie, RCMP out of my league housing , good thing now i have a safe place to live but lack of every thing else…

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